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About Pinkbooty

Using natural and healthy ingredients, “Pinkbooty” lightens the color of the anal skin and other intimate areas. Natural Ingredients like Jojoba seed oil aim at lightening the skin while also hydrating. The formula is also infused with coconut oil to brighten the skin and shea butter to boost collagen for a more youthful appearance.


Dark pigmentation can be unsightly, so this product aims at lightening discolored skin on the anus in a safe and effective manner. Not only does it lighten the skin, it also contains ingredients that help hydrate, restore, and renew the skin. It gets rid of dark spots and helps create that irresistible booty.

Pinkbooty allows men and women to “lighten” their booty and other intimate areas to create a lighter and more even skin tone.

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Massage a small amount of cream onto freshly-cleansed toned skin. Apply cream to clean skin, day, night or as needed. If used in a daily routine, results can be seen in as little as one to two weeks


Our lightening cream is formulated to penetrate fully into the dermal layer where miniscule scar tissue builds up and skin clarity. This is a more effective way to help restore damaged cells to their more youthful integrity for a younger, more even toned complexion.

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